Top 5 Innovations!

Launched at AEC 2014, and back by popular demand... our Top 5 Innovations Self-Guided Tour showcases the 5 most innovative products / services on the Expo floor voted on by our AEC Selection Committee (made up of end-users).

Attendees will be given our Top 5 Innovations map when they register at the show. The map will indicate where the Top 5 innovations can be found on the exhibit floor.

And... Our Top 5 Innovations for AEC 2016 are:

  • ABB 02+CO Combustion Optimization - Tundra Process Solutions
    • The newly released AZ40 oxygen and combustibles analyzer continuously samples and analyzes combustion waste gases (flue gas). To optimize combustion, the AZ40 determines the levels of excess oxygen using a zirconia based oxygen sensor, and unburnt fuel with an enhanced carbon monoxide detector to measure the carbon monoxide equivalent (COe).

  • SICK Ultrasonic 4+1 Meter - CB Engineering
    • This patented design has 4 measuring paths in one plane and combination with a single measuring path in a second plane . The multi path provides custody transfer accuracy while the single path provides a redundant check meter. Also changes in the flow profile due to blockage or buildup are signaled by a difference in reading. This is an early indication of accuracy issues.

  • Tank Vapour/Methane Recovery Burner System - Kenilworth Combustion
    • Kenilworth Combustion has taken their revolutionary approach to pre-assembled burner systems one step further. Developing a system that captures, dries and utilizes tank vapours. This ounce gas is used as a fuel source to heat the tanks, using the patented Kenilworth burner.

  • u-remote - Weidmuller Canada
    • u-remote is the optimum solution for IP 20 environments. Located in the central switch cabinet or at a decentralized point in the periphery, u-remote reliably connects sensors and actuators with the control unit, using your fieldbus system of choice. u-remote allows you to reduce the size of your switch cabinets. You will also benefit from the modular and compact design, which offers intuitive handling and, particularly when in a decentralized location, an individual system design while making your system ready for use, in an instant.

  • New Steam Conditioning Valve - Samson Controls
    • Explore this technology that converts steam using a single valve assembly to achieve the same goals as using long runs of piping. It can reduce the design footprint and increase efficiency for your process.

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