2020 Top 5 Innovations!

Launched at AEC 2014, and back by popular demand for the 4th consecutive show... our Top 5 Innovations Self-Guided Tour showcases the 5 most innovative products/services on the Expo floor voted on by our AEC Selection Committee (made up of end-users).

Attendees can find our Top 5 Innovations map in the Event Guide they will be given when they check-in at AEC 2020. The map will indicate where the Top 5 innovations can be found on the expo hall.

And... Our Top 5 Innovations for AEC 2020 are:

  • Wireless Sensor to Cloud Devices - MQTT IOT - BettsM Controls Inc.
    • MQTT IIOT wireless sensors are a reality. Come to our booth for hands-on experience, connect a Signal Fire Ranger to your cell phone via the cloud, and see an alternative solution for connecting to a traditional SCADA system (VTSCADA).

  • AI Software Module That Adds Intelligence to ControlLogix Controllers - Rockwell Automation
    • Many computer programs are now incorporating machine learning (ML) and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI) that let them take in new information, and learn, grow and change in response to it. In the process control and automation realm, one of the innovative applications of ML and AI is the FactoryTalk Analytics LogixAI add-on module from Rockwell Automation, which adds further intelligence to its ControlLogix platform. It employs machine learning to monitor processes and triggers a bit in the controller when a problem is predicted to occur. Without requiring a data scientist, LogixAI can build predictions in five steps, including: configuration and identification of data, automatic model generation, training, monitoring and integrating predictions. LogixAI makes predictive analytics more accessible to help users make better production decisions. The module learns from their ControlLogix applications, tells them when things are changing in unexpected ways, and helps them get ahead of quality issues and protect process integrity.

  • Satellite Imagery Post Pipeline Construction Environmental & Reclamation - Apex Innovations
    • Apex Innovations is a reseller and distributor of satellite imagery ranging from 3m to .3m image resolution. In addition to selling imagery we offer customized pixel analysis algorithm development to help industries effectively minimize project costs and increase efficiencies. A major Canadian oil and gas company completed a 25km pipeline outside of Lloydminster and asked Apex Innovations to complete a post construction reclamation analysis utilizing high definition (.3m) satellite imagery. Apex Innovation successfully created an algorithm in only one month which allowed a complete pixel by pixel comparison of the vegetation. This analysis was submitted to the Provincial regulation board and was successfully accepted as a viable technology and methodology. This product and service ultimately increased safety, expedited schedules, increased quality and lowered overall project costs which led to an outstanding project handover.

    • eACM translates real-time native RTU and PLC protocols into MQTT or MQTT Sparkplug B, the leading messaging protocol for IIoT. MQTT is highly efficient because it uses a report-by-exception approach to publish values to an MQTT broker only when conditions have changed. This frees up more bandwidth for high-fidelity data acquisition and can potentially reduce bandwidth consumption of your network by as much as 90%*. Additional features of eACM include: communication with multiple protocols simultaneously; communication with multiple end-devices simultaneously; local storage of data when the connection is interrupted; stored data is back-filled when the connection is re-established; and prioritization of data flows between multiple masters for serial networks.

  • Tunable Diode Lasers an Innovative change in Measurement - Endress+Hauser
    • Utilizing proprietary extractive tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) and other spectroscopic technologies, Endress+Hauser’s SpectraSensors delivers accurate and robust measurements with extremely fast response times resulting in improved performance, reliability and availability at a significantly lower total cost to install and own compared to alternative solutions. These gas analyzers measure Moisture (H2O), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Ammonia (NH3), Acetylene (C2H2), Oxygen (O2) and more. SpectraSensors’ proprietary extractive TDL technology is now the preferred optical-based process analytics technology in the hydrocarbon processing industry. Come by and hear more!

March 07, 2020

2020 Networking Happy Hour + Presidents' Panel Address!

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February 21, 2020

2020 Career Fair

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