2020 Green Tour!

New This Year! The guided Green Tour highlights the top green technologies on the expo floor voted on by our AEC Selection Committee (made up of end-users).

It's is complimentary and accommodates up to 10 people (first-come, first-served). Expect a pre-planned 10 minute exhibitor presentation from the following exhibitors.  

And... Our Top Green Technologies for AEC 2020 are:

    • Energy Monitoring: Looking at customer W.A.G.E.S: Water-Air-Gas-Electricity-Steam.
      Leak Detection: Pressure instruments to detect if you have a leak.
      Oil Cleaning: Steam cleaning the sand to be able to separate into water and oil. The water using E+H produces is able to reuse the water back into the sand oils system using Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD).

  • Environmental and Performance optimization through electric chemical injection, actuation, and air compression Spartan Controls
    • Conventional means of control at well sites relied on the use of existing fuel gas for motive power. Today industry is deploying alternatives that provide compliance with return on investment through reduced and non-venting operation. Seeing these technologies in operation provides the certainty that these technologies are being implemented successfully today and what that enables for the operational life of the well’s production.

  • Cla-Val X143IP Intermediate Power Generator Summit Valve and Controls
    • The X143IP Intermediate Power Generator is a self-contained, power generation system designed to be mounted on a Cla-Val Automatic Control Valve. When installed on the control valve the X143IP utilizes the available pressure drop across the valve to produce up to 14 watts of continuous power. The power created by the generator can be used to operate the electronic controls on the valve, as well as other devices such as an insertion flow meter or data logger. Conventional control valves require an external power source to operate, such as plant air (pneumatics) or electricity from the grid. This device enables the control valve to operate without any external power. Rather, it utilizes the naturally occurring power source that is the flow of water through the valve making it a very environmentally friendly choice for the control of water in the distribution system.

  • Weidmueller BLADE Control Weidmueller
    • Condition monitoring plays an important role in every industry. Especially in the wind sector, the continuous monitoring and analyses of data is a crucial success factor. Specific installation concepts and the optimal use of systems within the wind plants require a reliable and futureproof solutions. Get a short overview about Weidmüller's innovative Condition Monitoring Systems for the wind industry. Explore our products and solutions in the wind industry.

  • Low Bleed pneumatic instrumentation ie; PS/2 Digital Positioner, 5000 level Controller, 4000LB Pressure Controller, 950AE I/p transducer, Live Loaded Packing Dyna-Flo Control Valve Services Ltd.
    • Dyna-Flo has zero bleed in steady state pneumatic Control Valve Instrumentation which will dramatically reduce pneumatic supply medium consumption and venting. It will reduce fugitive emissions, reduce maintenance costs, and save end users on the upfront cost as well.

  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)  Tundra Process Solutions
    • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are large scale systems that store energy for when it is really needed. Along with storing renewable energy from solar and wind, it can be applied to oil and gas applications in many ways. From increasing reliability at site by mitigating brownouts and blackouts, to reducing power costs at site by mitigating peak loads and demand charges. There are even sites using battery energy storage to integrate renewables into their facilities to reduce grid power consumption. Battery Energy Storage Systems are one of the most impactful technologies being deployed today in the renewable and power sectors, and we are hoping to bring this exciting technology to Oil and Gas in Alberta.

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