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Booth Planning Tips

The “Wow” Factor / Attention Getter

Display or do something that will catch people’s attention from a few feet away (think: a large over-sized item, etc.).

Goal: To attract people to your booth without having to say a word = ½ your selling job is done!

Hook & Offer (Think Outside The Box)

What’s your hook? – What’s unique about your company in comparison to your competitors? Do you add more value, a higher quality product/service, something extraordinary?

Build a special show offer that incorporates your hook. For example, if product A is exclusive to your company, your offer could be “Receive 2 For 1 Of Product A Until May 31, 2016”.

Brand Your Booth

Signage – The more signage, the better! Attendees need to know who you are and what you do. Make sure your sign(s) are visible from afar and close up. Don’t clutter your signage up with too much information - your company logo/name is all you really need.

Promotional Materials – Business cards, promotional postcards/brochures are a must.

Colour – What is your company colour(s)? Bring your brand to life by using this colour in your booth display.

The More, The Merrier (Staffing)

The more staff you have working your booth, the more chance you’ll have to connect with attendees (a general rule of thumb is 2 to 3 staff per 100 square feet).

Plan Your Script

What are the main points about your product/service that brides need to know?

Approach Techniques and Lead Questions – what are some questions you can ask attendees to get them talking when they come by your booth?

Set Goals

Set measureable goals for yourself and your staff. Ex. How many attendees do you want to talk to in a day, how many promotional pieces do you want to hand out, how many qualified leads (attendees who want you to follow-up with them) should each staff member strive to obtain?

Lead Tracking

If someone expresses great interest in your product/service, make sure to take down their contact information so that you can follow-up with them after the show.

An easy way to do this is to take advantage of Conexsys’s Lead Retrieval System, which allows you to scan an attendees name badge to 1) easily obtain their contact information, 2) to input products that interest them, and 3) to input their preferred method of contact post-show, etc.

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