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Commonalities Of Bhopal & Texas City accidents + are we improving?

Presentation Overview

What the Bhopal and Texas City accidents had in common, and are we improving?

The Bhopal accident in 1984 is considered the worst industrial disaster of all time. It was not an act of sabotage, incompetence, or greed. There are surprising similarities between that accident, BP Texas City, and many others. This presentation will review both accidents, how many of the issues were not unique to those facilities, and how the same issues can be observed at many facilities today. Regulations around the world have been enacted because of such accidents, yet are we as an industry improving? Excerpts from various studies will be reviewed, along with the challenges industry continues to face.

Speaker Bio

Paul Gruhn
Global Functional Safety Consultant, aeSolutions

Paul Gruhn is a Global Functional Safety Consultant with aeSolutions in Houston, Texas. Paul is an ISA (International Society of Automation) Life Fellow, a 30 year member and co-chair of the ISA 84 standard committee (on safety instrumented systems), the developer and instructor of ISA courses on safety systems, the author of two ISA textbooks, and the developer of the first commercial safety system modeling software. Paul has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in Texas, a member of the Control Systems Engineering PE exam committee, and both a Certified Functional Safety Expert (CFSE) and an ISA 84 Safety Instrumented Systems Expert. Paul was the 2019 ISA President.

October 27, 2020

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