AER compliance for upstream and mid-stream companies

Presentation Overview

Pipeline operators are required to develop and maintain a leak detection strategy as per regulations of AER and guidance provided through an understanding of API 1130. In this session we will go over what is required for existing procedures, processes and practices to meet all regulatory requirements? We will present strategies and best practices toward the goal of regulatory compliance. Also, this presentation gives the overview of the Leak Detection strategy of processes and procedures that provides a strategic road map to full compliance.

Speaker Bio

Satya Mokamati
Director, VanMok Innovative Engineering Solutions

Satya Mokamati has Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from University of British Columbia, Vancouver. He has 14+ years of experience in developing and applying computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis in wide range of applications in areas such as multi phase flows (oil/gas/sediments), column separation (or Cavitation or Phase changes) modeling, and pipeline flow modeling. Satya's work focuses on Pipeline leak/theft detection, IoT/Cloud based leak/theft detection, Pipeline Simulations, Leak detection testing as per regulatory requirements, and Regulatory compliance support related to Pipelines leak detection.

At Vanmok, Satya worked with companies to help them achieve the regulatory compliance goals through gap assessments, remedial action plan implementation, Leak Detection Strategy and Plan development, training and continuous improvement to maintain the compliance with regulations.

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