Threat Risk Assessment – Best Practices From 2 Experts

Presentation Overview

Mike's - Most organizations introduce changes to their environment whether it be a new service provider performing a service, procuring new hardware/software in the IT/OT environment, lifting and shifting applications from on-premise to the cloud. Are we aware of the risks that may be introduced when a significant change occurs in our environment? Threat Risk assessments are important these days to capture any potential security gaps that may have been overlooked by the SDLC process. This presentation will review the best practices for a TRA process and touch on risk management.

Kevin's - With the continuing evolution of technology, we see an increasing demand for physical security and the protection of information. When risk is discussed, the terms “threat” and “vulnerability” are largely the focus of any analysis. However, is the full picture on risk captured when focusing on those items? This presentation will begin to explore a gap in cyber security risk: Consequence, and the impact on a broader system(s). A methodology will be described in which to capture risks (Cyber Security Hazard Assessments) from the aid of an overarching program that guides hazard assessments in the process engineering industry (Process Safety Management).

Speaker Bio

Mike Han
Security Consultant, MH Consulting

Mike Han is a seasoned Cyber Security Professional with 15 years of experience in the Education, Healthcare, Utilities, and Oil and Gas energy sector. He has a wide breadth and depth of experiences in Cyber Security performing Threat Risk Assessments, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Security Architecture Planning and Design, Security Operations, Blue Team/Red Team, Security Investigations and Research, enhancing Cloud Security, and improvements on security controls in the OT environment. He strives to continuously learn more about new upcoming technologies such as the protection of Internet of Things, cloud automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Speaker Bio

Kevin Ogden
Manager of DCS Information Systems, EPCOR

Kevin Ogden is the manager of DCS Information Systems at the Gold Bar wastewater treatment plant in Edmonton.  He is a professional Engineer with a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Alberta.  Since 2006 he has been with EPCOR Water Services supporting and improving the control systems of water and waste water utilities in Edmonton.  

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